Analytical Reports

As in every business, reporting is an essential part of any planning, execution, monitoring, and evaluation process in pharmaceutical industry. It becomes more meaningful and realistic if these are classified on the basis of different operational segments (Coverage, Working, Investments etc) rather than relying on academic classification (informational reports, analytical reports etc). Keeping in view this fact report section of ‘Holistic Analysis’ is classified in following segments:

These reports guide about the selection of doctors by an individual or a manager. This section helps to improve the customer selection as per the existing product portfolio by focusing on customer specialty and category. It ultimately results in improvement of sales. Following are the top reports of this segment:

These reports help to evaluate the extent of execution of plans; and also to plan the future working as per the results of previous execution. It guides an individual and a manager to work specifically in line with the work and sales objectives.

These reports categorize investments into 2 major segments, direct investments & Customer Discounts. Details of these segments are described in investments section. This section supports to evaluate the investment pattern at different hierarchical, geographical and product level. It brings in uniformity of investments among various sales units which ultimately helps not only in sales stability but also in stability of the team.

These reports guide about the present and future health of the organization by guiding about the successful, breakeven and failed investments. This section also guides about the cost of sales of any particular sales person, product, customer or any geographical area.

These reports discuss about promotional support particularly product samples and its impact on sales. It shows the positive and negative trends associated with quantity, timing, and usage pattern of samples in different categories and specialties of doctors. It also shows variation of impact of sampling with the change of visit pattern and investment level to that doctor.

These reports are aimed at reconciliation of stock sold by the corporate and purchased by the distributor. This segment also supports to finalize the discount claims as per the discount approvals granted by the corporate.

These reports give an insight about the macro and micro aspects of the sales. It equally focuses on size, growth rate and achievement in terms of units and value for different hierarchical & geographical levels for different products and SKUs. This is the segment which has the largest number of reports, but important is to know that which type of sales report is to be studies in which situations as if someone starts studying all types of sales reports, it will be wastage of time and the individual may compromise many other important tasks while studying these reports.

This segment offers reports which are mandatory to be studied at least quarterly. It describes various types of customer reports (retention rate, conversion rate etc), retained customers business volume, purchaser versus prescriber customers and many other such reports which are required to establish a consistently growing business.

Business growth is directly proportional to timely decisions and timely actions. This segment supports to track timeliness of both of these determinants of business success. There are multiple reports in this segment which supports a person to monitor and evaluate quality and timeliness of task execution by him or by the team working under his/her supervision.

These reports help a person to appraise and improve himself/herself before being appraised by supervisor or HR department. It describes performance in terms of sales volume, growth rate, uniformity of sales (in terms of products, SKUs, team under supervision and customers), sales cost (profit to the corporate), customer retention and conversion, team stability, and task management. A corporate can add or delete performance parameters as per requirements. It can also assign weight as per its own understanding of significance of all these parameters.