Holistic Analysis (HA) provides numerous advantages not only against manual analytical work but also against other analytical software available in the market. Most available software deal with very selective aspects of a pharmaceutical business analysis like ‘customer visits’, ‘samples utility’ or investment pattern.

HA not only deals with all possible factors of pharmaceutical business (details given), but also provides some additional advantages, given as under:

HA eliminates the need of manual sales compilation by generating miscellaneous reports by its connectivity to distributor’s software. It offers many advantages by preventing:

  1. Inconsistency in data entry, and room for human errors.
  2. Heavy cost of large staff for data entry and reports preparation
  3. Duplication in data entry
  4. Wastage of time while intended to see a particular report while team is searching and compiling data from different sources

HA facilitates planning process in all required segments of business process including team and its working, customers and their business, investment and its returns, target and its achievement. Often planning process ignores many important aspects as it is practically difficult to study and correlate different dimensions of a business process.

HA integrates all these dimensions and generates miscellaneous reports by integrating data of previous sales, investment, working pattern and many more dimensions which supports to come up with a plan which is evidence based and just not on the gut feeling. It improves the practicality and reliability of the plan among the team members.

HA empowers managers at all hierarchical levels to monitor execution of the given plan.  A common problem in monitoring is to monitor return on investments which usually people face by having customer wise sales reports at the end of the month and they can do nothing for the month they lost for their sales from a customer where they have invested to get better sales.

HA provides daily sales monitoring in shape of desired reports created by a click or set to receive as automated report.

HA facilitates a corporate to evaluate and segregate its performers and non-performers at all hierarchical and geographical levels. It facilitates to improve not only the evaluation of an outcome rather it also supports to evaluate the processes as well.  This is an added advantage especially in those organizations where people have been changed repeatedly but  getting no change in results. They must evaluate the process to reach to changed results.

HA enables managers to collect performance data throughout the entire review period, acting as a system of record. So, when you are writing performance reviews, you have a more accurate picture of the employee’s performance instead of what’s available only in your recent memory. With access to the information available at all times, managers are more in touch with their employees’ progress—during every phase of goal completion, and can offer immediate reinforcement or coaching to keep performance and deadlines on track.

HA facilitates its users to interact with their customers constantly, periodically or situationally as per  requirements of the corporate. It allows integrating all required information required to communicate with the customers. Furthermore it shows you the periodic status of bilateral commitments so that you can communicate with the customers in line with the facts. 
HA knows that a person working in pharmaceutical industry is too busy to remember his/her own birthday, while wishing you customer on his birthday plays a good role in keeping your relations with him/her at desired level. Hence, it provides daily/weekly or monthly calendar of birthdays/anniversaries of your listed doctors for the set duration; to enable you to wish them at right time.

HA provides a dedicated segment of reports. Reports are a double edged sword as there are different angles of a same situation. It is important to view the right report at right time. Different reports are required in different business situations.

HA facilitates its users with dozens of reports in more than 10 business segments. Its users can save their time , productivity and profitability by viewing appropriate reports at right time.

HA provides different access levels to different managers related to field or Head Office keeping in view their respective responsibility, authority and geographical domain. It will not only facilitate them to monitor their respective areas but also to communicate with upward or downward hierarchy and to keep record of all task oriented communication related to their domain.

HA provides facilitates its user with email alerts for key functions of pharmaceutical business process. It enriches the process of task management, ensuring better returns on investments and achieving decided targets in a better way as many times people miss the task, returns on investments or target achievement just due to ignorance even after reaching very close to it. These email alerts will address this issue of ignorance in a better way.

HA establishes a paperless environment by providing the facility of online request submission of different functions including investments (direct investments or discount approvals), hiring, firing and many other segments. It also facilitates its users to view the current status of their request at any time that who has approved it in the hierarchy and at which level it is pending. Furthermore, it can be sent back in case of any objection by the senior hierarchy.

HA proves itself as HOLISTIC, because business analysis can’t be completed with analyzing task accomplishment at different hierarchical levels. Sales output is the end result of resource input and directional and timely efforts of the team. It provides a comprehensive module to review the summary of accomplishment of tasks assigned by or assigned to a manager, which will facilitate the managers to be fully aware of their pending tasks along with respective timelines.

HA knows that people work for their earnings so it gives an opportunity to its users (managers) to view proposed incentive value they earned or they are going to earn in context to the incentive policy of the company and their sales. This section will also provide auto-generated emails to the managers for units required to win the incentive, on the dates provided to the software for those email alerts.

HA facilitates to channelize your human resource, as usually it is difficult to keep tract of territories and customer allocation to the field force and these have been repeatedly added, deleted or changed by local management without considering potential, investments and sales history of a particular territory just on the basis of subjective assessment of the local management.

HA empowers management to use objective and precise data related to any territory or corporate brick before recommending any change. It also provides the list of people worked on that particular brick, territory, area or region and sales, investments and working trends in respective durations.