Holistic Analysis (HA) has been designed in way to separate the functionality of the software into BASIC and ADD ON modules, in order to facilitate our clients. It enables our clients to select only those modules which are relevant and meaningful as per the functionality of their business.

Basic Module

Basic module is comprised of only one subset and that is the doctor list. There are many pre-requisites of this module including geographical hierarchy (Region, Area, Territory etc) and functional hierarchy (NSM/BUM, SM, ASM, Representative). Details are as under:

Doctor list is the core of pharmaceutical business. This is the foundation stone if an organization is willing to establish a system for its business. At the basic level it demands for the basic relevant data like morning/evening brick of the doctor, specialty, category and level (extent of team relations with organization’s functional hierarchy) of the doctor.


  1. Proper Record Keeping
  2. Access at anytime, anywhere
  3. Can review the status of prescriber and purchaser base
  4. Can review team penetration in any particular specialty or category.
  5. Can review product wise list of doctors with its classification in terms of specialty of category

Add-on Modules

Add-on module is comprised of numerous subsets. Every organization has the option to review all available add-ons and then to select those which are relevant to their requirements.

Holistic Analysis facilitates management to have daily sales updates at macro and micro levels. It generates sales reports directly by getting your distributors connected with Holistic Analysis. By doing so, its users can generate not only a consolidated sales report rather they will be able to generate Region wise, Area wise, Territory wise, brick wise, chemist wise and even doctor wise sales.

Holistic Analysis facilitates management to assign targets to the brick levels by describing potential of the brick (how many doctors have been listed for a particular product in this brick), previous sales trend of the brick and many other parameters as per the add-ons selected.

Holistic Analysis facilitates management to invest on a doctor by reviewing many parameters (depending on the number of add-ons opted in the software). It supports to get rid of non-objective oriented impulsive investments toward thoughtful investments. It also tracks the investment history of a manager, representative and a doctor. It also facilitates a manager to view sales of his/her team members in context to the investments.

This is an extensive subset which supports not only an online approval and archives (if online approval is opted) but it also supports to view the cost of sales by viewing the total investment cost (cash investment, liaison budgets and discount cost).

This is a specialized segment where we connect every investment doctor with all the chemists (exclusive or shared) where his/her prescription is expected and Holistic Analysis gives the returns of that particular doctor. It also integrates returns on cash investments with the discounts passed on to the linked chemists and budgets (dinner, cake)

As Holistic Analysis works in integration with the distributor’s software and get chemist wise sales, so it has an added advantage to segregate the claims which are as per policy to those which are beyond the policy; those which have been approved from those which haven’t been approved. It not only prevents the revenue loss of the corporate due to wrong claims but it also prevent the man handling of these issue, hence minimizes the HR cost of claim calculation, and can generate real time report of all the claims.

An objective oriented work plan demands to review doctor list, history of investments, previous visits, previous sales, discount approvals, booking supply schedule of the distributor in that area, and many other parameters.

Holistic Analysis (HA) resolves this issue by providing all the data while selecting a corporate brick to be visited. By viewing all these details managers can decide in a better way the frequency and dates of visiting that particular brick.

This subset is closely linked with the work plan, resource utility, and sales subset. It can be managed either online or through sms reporting as per the requirement of the client.

This is a very simple and quick procedure as it calculated the allowances as per the designation and mileage as per pre-decided distances and designation of the person intended to submit expense sheet. Details are needed to be entered only for miscellaneous expenses.

After being submitted this sheet will be automatically sent to the immediate supervisor, and the summary sheet will be emailed to HOD and after his/her approval, it will be emailed to HR department for further action.

It will not only minimize the calculation error, but it also reduces the HR cost of expense calculation.

This subset enables a manager to raise a request of samples required by a representative keeping in view focused doctors, targets, sales history, sample consumption history and level of investments for that particular product in the subjected territory. It not only prevents the misuse of sample resource but also support better results after investing sample resource. This can also be replicated for customer gifting.

This subset calculates month to date (MTD), quarter to date (QTD) and year to date (YTD) incentives and send

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(if opted) auto-generated emails to relevant persons to get them focused toward their incentives. This ultimately results in enhanced sales by focused efforts of the team.

Holistic Analysis not only works for growth of the business but it also supports stability of the business with the help of this subset. It enables management to establish territories in spite of establishing representatives, by establishing corporate customers in a particular territory and handing over all relevant data of that territory after resign of a person to the new team members. It also facilitates to view the stability pattern across all the territories nationwide.

Holistic Analysis establishes a paperless environment by providing the facility of online request submission of different functions including investments (direct investments or discount approvals), hiring, firing and many other segments. It also facilitates its users to view the current status of their request at any time that who has approved it in the hierarchy and at which level it is pending. Furthermore, it can be sent back in case of any objection by the senior hierarchy.

Holistic Analysis provides facilitates its user with email alerts for key functions of pharmaceutical business process. It enriches the process of task management, ensuring better returns on investments and achieving decided targets in a better way as many times people miss the task, returns on investments or target achievement just due to ignorance even after reaching very close to it. These email alerts will address this issue of ignorance in a better way.

Holistic Analysis proves itself as HOLISTIC, because business analysis can’t be completed with analyzing task accomplishment at different hierarchical levels. Sales output is the end result of resource input and directional and timely efforts of the team. It provides a comprehensive module to review the summary of accomplishment of tasks assigned by or assigned to a manager, which will facilitate the managers to be fully aware of their pending tasks along with respective timelines.